Get to Know the PodCast


Sir Benedict

Field Agent

Loves scotch and bourbon more than cryptids. Can be found more in the hidden bar than out in the field. Known not for his research but for his gentleman bar fights and gimbaling. He is the reason why there is a minimum requirement for field work.


Indigo Davis

Field Agent

Specialist within verification of cryptid sightings. Can be found hiking throughout time when not doing field work. Is the president of the AAS hikers club.



Co-Host and Mascot

Guardian of the Radio Tower and floating island within the Bermuda Triangle. Loves to break items within the radio tower when cranky and demands exactly 100 pets and 3 treats by 2pm each day. 

Photo courtesy of Carl T. Bergstrom via flickr:


The Professor

Senior Field Agent

Specialist in Scandinavian cryptids. Is the most experienced agent within Academics Anonymous. Loves a good brandy and peace and quiet. Hates cleaning and people trying to talk with him.


Edmonia Rivers

Junior Researcher and Radio Host

This academic can be found in the radio station, begging to be let out to test her theories. She needs coffee before a show to “keep up with the spooky.”


Dorothea Russo

Head Archivist

Dorothea has been the head archivist at the Bermuda Triangle Research Repository for as long as anyone can remember. As strict with her time as she is with her secrets, Ms. Russo is often called upon to be a research advisor to junior researchers who are working their way towards becoming field agents.


Lucy Simmons

Field Agent

Still relatively new to the field, Lucy is not afraid to get her hands dirty when she's hot on the trail of important information. Rarely seen without her partner Antonio, a lovely black pitbull.


Carl Smith

Field Agent

Carl is  the newest field agent...a bit clumsy...but full of interesting ideas and new concepts.