The Snake

Updated: Mar 10

Dear Dr. Cook,

You sent out a memo to receive short stories of what persuaded some of us to become Conservationists. Below I have a short summary of my involvement in the paranormal before I was an AAS member.

When I was a young boy I lived in Westbrook, Maine. This was about the early 1990s. I was about 6 when this happened, mind you, and I still remember most of this as if it happened a few days ago.

I remember playing on the swing set with my little light up sneakers high in the air, the wind going past my little face. I remember seeing something gold in the corner of my eye and turning my head just past the iron chains–straining to see what it was. Falling out of my seat onto the hard dirt as the eyes of a giant snake were just yards behind me. I remember feeling rooted to the spot, unable to move as the snake came closer and closer to me. The snake’s eyes hypnotized me. I could not move my legs no matter how hard I tried. As the snake came close enough for me to see the muscles beneath its scales I noticed hundreds of small human-like hands lifting the belly of this snake and a horrible sulfur stink gushed out of the creature.

I was beyond frightened. I felt all the heat drain from my body and felt cold. This next part I don’t remember but my parents say that I didn’t return home when the lights from the streetlamps came on–a common way to learn the time in the early 90s as a child. They said that they found me staring behind the swingset in the playground. My father says he picked me up and that I was just screaming for a half hour–not long enough to take a child to a mental hospital for the time but enough to begin thinking about it.

I was white as a sheet and had small cuts along my hands and legs. The scratches took weeks to heal. I was able to speak a few days after the incident and swore up and down that there was a giant snake with hands in the playground. My parents shrugged it off to the ramblings of a small child. I never went back to the playground and now as an adult I do my best to remove any snake cryptids from large populations. I don’t want any other child to be in that kind of danger. Who knows what else that thing could have done to me???

Sincerely, A Conservationist

~Image Courtesy of Robin Mcphursen via Pexels under Public


**Added to the Repository as data entry for Conservation membership.**

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