The Case of The Mysterious Rock Concert

Updated: Mar 10

Dear Edmonia,

The verification of new cryptids usually brings me joy. However, this particular cryptid did not.

The origin story for the Loveland Frogman cryptid within the archive is:

“After the Second World War during the witching hour, a businessman was walking through a local neighborhood just on the outskirts of a small town known as Loveland, Ohio. The man parked his car and noticed three strange-looking fellows on the side of the road. As the man looked closer he noticed that the creatures were four feet tall, had leathery skin, and webbed hands and feet. The most abnormal were their frog-like heads, which had wrinkles where their hair should have been. One of the frogmen procured a wand, waved it towards the businessman, and all three frogmen disappeared.”

Its existence-- when first reading through the archives-- had me spitting my tea into a nearby planter, much to the distress of my partner. I had thought that this creature was something created by a young child. A supposedly giant frog, reported to be at least four feet tall, naked, or sometimes in a trench coat first seen in Loveland Ohio. The creature then of course is called the Loveland Frogman. This frogman supposedly has wizard-like powers and has been reported to use a wand. The sightings are actually quite common and within future timelines, this frogman appears in social media more than celebrities. I had hoped that this was a prank, a gag, a silly situation that once I had gone to Ohio this would sort itself out. I had even placed a bet with our colleagues! Unfortunately, I am now out three gold pieces and my best pen! The Loveland Frogman is a real cryptid and it makes me furious.

Sincerely, furious at the unprofessionalism,

Sir Benedict

**Added to the Repository as the first documentation of a cryptid rock concert for research purposes.**

~Image Courtesy of Haris Krikelis via Flickr under Creative Commons:

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