The Case of the Missing Agent

Updated: Mar 10

Dear Edmonia, Hopefully, this letter gets to you in time. But I fear I may need to reach out before then...I have been traveling through Utah and other arid regions of North America. Throughout my travels I have been collecting information on certain stories, I hesitate to say folklore and hogwash because many here sincerely believe in these legends. I myself am quickly becoming one of them.

Currently, I am hidden in Skinwalker Ranch in the 1990s to observe the Sherman family. However, in the 90s it was only called Sherman Ranch by its owners, Terry and Gwen Sherman; the couple, along with their two children, experienced bizarre events.

Right after hearing a story in my cabin, a strange whistling sound emanated from outside my window! By jove, I was terrified. Never have I gotten under covers as quickly as I did that night! I will be sending a recording of my experience to you and our team shortly.

I believe my experience is that of a skinwalker. My fellow cryptozoologists please do not speak the name without ash from a fire pit as these cryptids are extremely dangerous and to call them by name works as a summoning technique.

For those that do not remember the file, skinwalkers are often referred to as the boogeymen of North America. Based on Native American history and belief systems, these creatures are said to have once been benevolent medicine men and women who abused their practice for evil. Once corrupted, they are imbued with mythical powers that vary from tradition to tradition, but the power most often mentioned is the ability to turn into or possess an animal or person. It is also believed that a man, woman, or child can become a skinwalker if they commit a taboo.

I fear we may have gotten too close to this one. I am throwing ash around the cabin, hoping to keep this creature at bay. If someone gets this report please send help.

Sincerely shaking in her cabin, Lucy **Email sent October 25th from Lucy to Edmonia and added to the Repository for research purposes.**

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