The Case of the Harried Escape

Updated: Mar 10

Dear Edmonia,

The Pacific Northwest is one of my favorite places to search for cryptids. The area is home to many cryptid researchers and cryptid decorations are always in style no matter the time. I’m excited to report I may have found new evidence of Bigfoot.

I first began my search with the most famous sighting in a 1967 film shot by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin in Northern California. Both were/are kind persons that shared their data with me.

Further back in time Big Foot has also been sighted by the Halkomelem and other Coast Salish traditions, they have reported that Sasquatch was a powerful but generally benign supernatural creature in the shape of a very large, hairy wild man. Its Halkomelem name Sasquatch is pronounced similar to sess-k-uts. (I suggest we invite them to the society if this cryptid can be verified).

I triangulated between these two pools of data and went back in time to the third era of peak logging in the PNW in 1883 when logging was at an all-time high in the United States. This would be when people were encroaching on its habitat.

I did not expect the amount of evidence that I have gathered. Perhaps the creature could sense the need to come out of hiding. But, every time I walked through the forest I would see hairy hands and sticks were thrown dangerously close to my head. Howls of a creature could also be heard echoing through the forest. It was exciting to see but I may be developing a fear of hairy hands.

For those researching Bigfoots I am more than happy to verify or debunk the information we have in the data pool.

Currently wearing a helmet, Indigo Davis

~Image Courtesy of Steve Baxter via Flickr under Public

Commons: **Added to the Repository as the most recent violent documentation of agent-cryptid affairs for research purposes.**

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