The Case of the Angry Holiday Helper

Updated: Mar 10

Dear Edmonia, After my travels with witches, I wished to travel through the Scandinavian countries and see what other interesting stories and history can be found. You will be pleased that this time I have found a cryptid. Ones that help clean your house.

When I stepped out of the dark effects of the timepiece I quickly rented a small apartment in town. I have a small hobby of tracking the different tastes of tea across time and wanted to go to the local shop as soon as possible. As I was setting my luggage down and dusting off the room (the building is owned by the Society and often there are years that it sees no agents) a little man no bigger than the size of my hand ran into the closet and disappeared. He had on a tall pointy green hat, a grey knit top, and a very large beard with a circular nose.

At first, I daresay I was quite surprised and gave a little yelp that sounded a bit too close to Sir Benedict. I quickly gathered myself and slowly checked the closet. But there was nothing there. I shrugged off the experience to post travel hallucinations and went about setting up the room. But over the course of the next two weeks, the strange little man began appearing more frequently. In the mornings, at night, in the afternoons, I began recording the times and noticed that the home would be cleaner after his little visits. I asked the locals about him...well the ones that I have built a rapport with anyways. As I still am in the early 1600s and too much fantastical thinking could have me burning at the stake.

One of the servants has informed me that the creature is called a Nisse. They are a sort of protective spirit for families. I have begun leaving out little treats for the creature and am determined to see if I can talk with him. Hopefully, all goes well.

Sincerely, The Professor **Letter sent December 21st from The Professor to Edmonia and added to the Repository for research purposes.**

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