The Basics

Updated: Mar 10

Dear New Members,

Congratulations! You have recently discovered that monsters are real, either from breaking a puzzle and finding our frequency, going off the beaten path, or being rescued by a field agent. You are asking yourself now what? What are you going to do with this information? First, welcome to the society, it is truly a privilege to be amongst one of the most secret organizations in the world. Second, what you are required to do is a thesis and an exam to receive the ability to time travel and be out in the field. Don’t worry an advisor will appear in your living room soon. To assist you in the arduous and stress-inducing journey is the repository. The repository is a sort of library…this is all I have transcribed at the moment…as some of the books move and bite.

Who am I, you may ask? I am a junior researcher within the society and am using the network to provide enough information to our new recruits (YOU) of the current research being done here.

Alongside myself are 20 more junior researchers, 800 senior researchers-field agents, and 50 professors. I update the repository weekly with the most requested field work on both the radio show ZBTR 606AM, and here in the repository. Both are updated Monday. If there are any topics you may be interested in please email me at

Sincerely, Lenore is trying to eat my computer I must go now, *Updated to Repository at 6AM Eastern Standard Time*

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