Orange Eyes

Updated: Mar 16

Dear Dr. Cook,

I saw the memo and one particular story comes to mind. They say that this monster is rare, but for those of us that lived on old Mayfield road, this was not the case.

First, before I tell my story you need to know the original. The first sighting of Orange Eyes. Back in 1959 two teenagers at Lover's Lane were attacked by a large hairy beast with orange eyes. It rose up from the fog and just ripped into them. The local old-timers would often speak of the monster–for that's what it was. None of this “Cryptid” nonsense. The thing hurt people.

When I was a teenager I and my friends walked into the old Cleveland cemetery. At first, it was just six of us, enjoying the end of summer break. We weren’t completely sober, mind you, but we wasn’t completely drunk either. It was a good buzz and the night was cool–which was nice during the summer heat. We were dancing and laughing among the headstones–creepy for some but to us local kids that was a quiet hangout spot. Some have their football bleachers, we had the cemetery. Nothing was going too wrong until the hockey team came in. They left beer bottles on all the headstones and were using the trees like their own personal toilets. None of us were comfortable with it but we kept quiet–the players were big guys known to bully anyone in their way.

After three of them had peed on one of the trees near the gate of the cemetery, that's when we saw Orange Eyes. It was as hairy as the old-timers had said it was. It also had a stink to it, like rotten garbage that had been out in the hot sun for days at a time. It roared at us and charged straight for the guys peeing on the tree. We all scattered in different directions, and one unlucky girl tripped and broke her arm. Orange Eyes had reached one of the hockey players close to the gate and grabbed his arm. The sound of bone snapping–ugh–to this day I get the chills just thinking about it. By the time we were able to find a landline and call the police…the boy Orange Eyes had caught had to be airlifted to a hospital. He just barely survived the attack, but he would never play hockey again. I devoted my time to making sure that this could never happen to another teenager again. I never want anyone to feel like I felt that night.

Sincerely, A Conservationist

~Image Courtesy of Micael Widell via Pexels under Public


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